An Introduction

So here we go. The first official posting to my blog. Now to figure out where to begin…


I guess I should introduce myself – Hi, I’m Dev (not my real name but anywho). I’m 24, newly married (July 2015) and have one son Mister J who was born October 2015. We have 4 cats and a bunny who call our house home. And we are a big crazy, loud, loving family with so many extended members close by who are just as enamored with Mister J as we are.


Mister J is a pretty typical baby, although a gigantic noggin that has us always on the look out for tipping him over. He sits, he stands, he feeds himself, and is such an independent spirit who is way too smart and has the cutest light brown curls and the bluest of eyes. I’m already having trouble because he is a huge flirt who loves everyone and gives everyone gigantic smiles. Of course it doesn’t hurt when you are just so stinking cute everyone wants to stop what they are doing and say hi.


My husband of 1 year (and dating of 4) is Siniroth, he’s 25. He’s also where Mister J got his curls from. Funny story that. The entire time I was pregnant I wished and hoped and crossed everything I could cross that our baby would get his daddy’s curls, because lets face it, curls on boys are bloody adorable!! We both work for an industrial factory where we have logged long hours, and blood, sweat, and tears. It has however afforded us the ability to have some wonderful opportunities.


Now you’re probably wondering about the name. “Partum Me”? Well that’s because I suffer from multiple facets of Post Partum Mood Disorders (PPMD). Most people know of post partum depression (PPD), and the post partum psychosis. But very few recognize the other issues that can arise. PPMD is a huge spectrum including depression, anxiety, OCD, rage, and psychosis (and quite likely some others as well that I can’t remember at the time of writing this). My personal story encompasses depression, anxiety, OCD, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Handling those 4 issues on their own is hard enough, add in an infant and all the challenges that come with that and you have a recipe for some really interesting situations, and a struggle that not many people see or talk about.


So if you’ve made it this far, that’s us in a nut shell. There will hopefully be stories from the past few years, history of my husband and I, our trying to conceive journey, our pregnancy, L&D, nursing as a first time mom, PPMD and just daily struggles. I hope you enjoy your time here and enjoy our story as we share a small glimpse into it.


Have yourselves a wonderful day!



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