For every beginning there is an end

Back when I was diagnosed with PPA I was informed of a local outreach that specializes in post partum. It was self referral and free. Bonus – they had child care if you wanted/needed.
We were a group of 6, and I was the new girl. But it didn’t take long for them to welcome me into the fold. We were each other’s community in such dark trying times. We understood each other on a level many couldn’t. We were safe to say the things you never want to admit (you know when you got so frustrated you actually cursed at your baby and wished you’d never had them? Yeah those were acceptable and expected things there) we were mom’s from all different walks of life, married, unmarried, single, 1 child, 2 children, step kids. Formula feeding and breastfeeding and everything in between. We became each other’s village.
Didn’t take long for people to start graduating from group and with them it marked the end of their journey so far. Sadly this also meant that they and their children left with them. These were people that I had come to care about and care about their children and vice versa. Each graduation was bitter sweet but we have all stayed in contact.
Most recently the last remaining member of the group I started with graduated, leaving me the oldest standing member there. The lovingly dubbed old maid of the group.
It’s weird knowing that one day I will be graduating and leaving this amazing group of people, myself and J love our weekly visits to group and it’s the highlight of our weeks.


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