Overnight Oats

Been doing something for me lately. A way to make sure I start my day off right with a good breakfast. (Yeah I can hear my mother in my head telling me how breakfast is the most important meal of the day too). Anyway, I found out about overnight oats. It’s all over pinterest, youtube, all those things. And it’s in a mason jar because, if it’s on pinterest, it’s gotta be in a mason jar.


Alright, so what are overnight oats? I mean it’s a pretty self explanatory name but whatever. Basically it’s oatmeal that you make ahead. I choose to use rolled oats (not quick oats!) because steel cut just doesn’t agree with me, but you can certainly use steel cut. A milk of your choice (I’ve been using coconut or almond lately because I’m wanting something a little more on the healthy and nutritious side), yogurt (I choose Greek to get in extra protein) and your choice of sweetening agent (sugar, honey, maple syrup, whatever you want. Or you can leave the sweeteners out of it altogether). Then the world is your oyster and you can choose what you want to toss into the mix. I’ve done apples, bananas, various dried fruits like raisins and dried cranberries, different spices can also help mix things up. I choose to also add in ground flax seed (for iron) and brewer’s yeast since it’s known to help with milk supply in nursing moms. I also add chia seeds because they are high in a number of really good things (many of which I lost during pregnancy with J because I was so sick and couldn’t eat anything for so long) to help replenish my body’s natural stores.


I’ve tried a number of different ideas, some of them from recipes I’ve found online (seriously, just search “overnight oats” on google and you’ll have a million options to choose from. Think of something specific you like, search “_____ overnight oat recipe”) some ended up better than others, but by far my favourites to date have been chocolate chip cookie dough, cranberry and raisin, banana bread, and just doing one that was super simple with just vanilla yogurt and coconut milk.


The possibilities are endless and there’s so many ideas out there. Plus they are great options if you can’t have cow’s milk dairy as any kind of milk alternative works perfectly! In fact, I’ve tried them with normal milk and I don’t like how they turn out compared to the almond or coconut milk. You can eat them cold straight from the fridge, or you can pop them into the microwave for a minute or so to warm them up a little bit. Totally up to you.


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