I Don’t know….

top test is the oldest one – clearly negative. Bottom test is the “fresher” of the two. Still outside the test time window but if you look on the left there is a faint faint line. Right line on both are the control line. What do you think?

So after the miscarriage we were told no sex for 6 weeks. Technically that isn’t for another couple weeks according to when that appointment happened. But it’s been longer than that since the miscarriage happened. Depending on who you talk to, that means we are in the clear. Also, try and tell someone in the prime of their baby-making days not to have ANY sex and see how quickly they start climbing walls. To say it didn’t last long would be an understatement.

This week marks 3 weeks since our last “incident” of unprotected sex. So in theory we could be pregnant. It’s a scary and interesting period in our lives. Based on a phone app I have for tracking my periods Friday should have been the first day of my period. There was 2 days ago, and no sign of that bitch of the month. Granted, nothing is consistent in that regards due to having had a baby, breastfeeding, and now a miscarriage. So I don’t really know when that is supposed to happen.


Well, I took a test at 2 weeks (last week) and absolutely undeniably negative. No colour other than the control line. Alright, no worries, it is pretty early. Took another test a few days ago, again negative. Still haven’t technically missed a period, so all good. Well Friday morning (day of my maybe period) and it was super duper holy crap faint. I kind of disregarded it as a “I want this to happen so I’m seeing something”. I, like an idiot, looked at it later that night after work, so well after the time frame where any result is valid, but it seemed slightly darker (which isn’t uncommon) but the thing I could see was a decided line on that test vs the test from the day before that still only had a single (control) line.

I decided that while that looked promising, I’d get another test and test again. Well that was this morning. Took 2 different tests – one (walmart brand) ClearBlue, the other was a First Response (so one blue dye test, one pink dye test). BOTH CAME UP NEGATIVE!

So I don’t know. The more expensive tests didn’t say anything about the specifics of the sensitivity of them, whereas the tests from before were dollar store branded and said they are 25mlU/mL or something. Which from my understanding is pretty sensitive.

So I don’t know what to do. I want to be pregnant, I want a baby, but I also know that the “positive” test is technically invalid and can’t be trusted. I want to stay optimistic, but not give myself false hope. I don’t even know if I’ll have a period this month anyways, let alone WHEN  that might happen.

I’ve talked to a ton of my mom friends, and each of them know that the tests were well outside of their valid time where things are accurate and everyone said that based on the difference between the one old test with a clear negative result vs the other old test that clearly had a line (although faint) means that there is a chance. Yet fresh tests (and expensive ones!!) seem to only show me negatives…


It’s just so hard….


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